Want a super simple way to keep track of all your digital business assets?


The Links & Resources Library

The Links & Resources Library helps you organize all your links and assets in a simple to use dashboard.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just find any digital asset in your business with one or two clicks at most?

You want to see all the important parts of your digital business at glance—but it’s not as simple to organize as you thought it would be… 

Are you feeling like:

  • Looking for all the moving parts of your business is like herding kittens?
  • Remembering all the access points to your lead magnet is melting your brain?
  • Your lack of organization feels messy AF (no judgment, we’ve all been there) and you just want a simple solution?

Then The Links & Resources Library might be for you.

I specifically created it to help small biz owners find anything important in their business from one dashboard. 

And I have included video walkthroughs of each part of the dashboard to help you understand all the ways you can use it to simplify organizing your business assets.

This dashboard is super simple to use and helps you keep track of everything important in your business, like:

Important links on your website

Important links and info about your blog posts (like tracking freebies/CTAs)

Your digital offers and/or services, related assets and funnels

Email automations/sequences and attached freebies

Affiliate links you like sharing

UTMs in your business

Your tech stack

Email tags

Your how-tos and SOPs

Everything digital at the tip of your fingers...

Your satisfaction is my priority, so I've included email implementation support if you need help with extra customization.

Even if you're new in business and have no idea where to start, I'll personally help you get started in a right-for-you way.

Four Easy Steps to Import + Use Your Dashboard

Log into the portal

Open the dashboard template

Save your own editable copy

Follow walkthroughs or jump right into the tool

Here’s what’s included in The Links & Resources Library:

A simple dashboard available in Google Sheets

Video walkthroughs of each part of the dashboard

Time-stamped transcriptions of the video walkthroughs

Implementation support through email

Free updates for the lifetime of the product

Solopreneurs: now you'll just know where everything is.

Teams: imagine having only one place to go to when you need anything (or at least the best starting point that’ll get you within one click).

Grab it now for just $37

Hey, I'm Clarissa
And I help online business owners take simplified action and win time back.

I created The Links & Resources Library because we’re too busy to repeatedly spend time looking for the same resources in our business each time we need to work on them. 

I believe that being organized in business doesn’t need to be a 4-letter word. It can and should be simple.

I’m also a huge fan of action movies, my German shepherds , and cooking comfort food

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    If you run an online business, have a website, do email marketing and/or offer digital products or services this will help you.

    Through expertise it’s often easier to start being organized sooner than later but it’s never too late to start

    - Solopreneurs find it useful to just know where everything is.
    - Teams find it useful as the one place to go to when you need anything (or at least the best starting point that’ll get you within one click).
  • How much time will it take me to implement The Links & Resources Library?
    This depends on how much you have already built out and created in your business, and whether you want to get it all done at once or over time

    I recommend implementing this on an ongoing basis as you work on projects.

    If you have dedicated, focused time to do it all at once, you should be able to get organized in a day.
  • How is this delivered?
    This is offered as a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) with an Airtable option in the works and coming mid March 2023.
  • How long will I have access to The Links & Resources Library?
    You’ll be prompted to make your own copy of the dashboard, which is yours to keep as long as you like.

    You’ll have access to the updated dashboard for the life of the product. If or when I decide to retire the dashboard, you’ll be emailed with a month’s notice to save an updated copy for yourself.
  • What if I don’t like The Links & Resources Library?
    I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you aren’t, please reach out via email to hello@clarissawhite.com.
  • Do I need specific tech to implement this?
    You need an account with either Google or Airtable (coming soon). You can get either account for free.
  • My question isn’t here…
    Please reach out via email at hello@clarissawhite.com

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