Are you sitting on a digital course idea but the tech is holding you back?

Learn how to use your email software to get started!


The Low Tech Course Delivery Course

The Low Tech Course Delivery Course helps you deliver your digital course (or product) without the tech headaches!

Get started for just $47.

So you want to offer a digital course...

But it’s not as simple as you thought it would be? 

Are you feeling like:

  • You want to pre-sell or validate your digital product but the tech takes too much time to set up… 
  • You’re ready to sell your digital product but get stuck on all the bits of tech you need to deliver it… 
  • Tech is just not your favourite thing to do, and you’re looking for a simpler way to share your knowledge with the world...

Then The Low Tech Course Delivery Course might be for you.

I specifically created it to simplify delivering your digital course or product, whether you’re looking for a low-tech solution for delivering your first or next course, or you want to validate your product idea before putting too much time into the tech aspect of it beforehand.

That’s why I’ve included a detailed workbook with checklists to help you nail the important bits, and ignore the time sucks, shiny objects and rabbit holes.

You’ll get your course set up in record time so that you can ditch the tech headaches and actually start selling your course.

Here's what you get:

7 step-by-step lessons with text and audio instructions

Learn as you like: you can binge the lessons in the course portal, or pace yourself through the daily lessons delivered right to your inbox

Unlimited email Q&A support help you implement this training ASAP

An editable Google Docs Course Workbook with all the course checklists and prompts to track your work and progress through the lessons

An editable Google Docs Email Workbook for you to prep the emails of your course delivery

Your satisfaction is my priority, so I've included email implementation support if you need help with extra customization.

Even if you're new in business and have no idea where to start, I'll personally help you get started in a right-for-you way.

Grab it now for just $47

What you'll learn:

Creating your course: How to plan out your course idea, and create your course content for email delivery.

Preparing your course for email delivery: How to simplify and clarify your lessons for greater results, and how to bring all your non-text course assets together.

Setting up your course for email delivery: Detailed, step-by-step lessons on setting up your course in your email software. 

We also cover essential, non-scary segmentation in an easy-to-understand way, as well as testing your course before going live and sharing it with the public.

Instructions are included on how to adapt lessons if you’re validating a course with pre-sales before creating your entire course.

If you’re a service provider and want to experiment with adding digital products to your offerings, this is a simple, low-
tech way to get started.

Grab it now for just $47

Hey, I'm Clarissa
And I help online business owners take simplified action and win time back.

I created The Low Tech Course Delivery Course because tech can quickly become overwhelming and stop us dead in our tracks.

I believe that courses don’t need a gazillion dollar production budget to start on the path to success or to get your clients results.

I’m also a huge fan of Nanaimo bar cheesecakes, action movies, and my two rambunctious German shepherds.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    This course is for you if you’re a digital course creator and:
    – you’re looking for a low-tech solution for delivering your first or next course, OR
    – you want to pre sell or validate your course idea before putting too much time into the tech aspect of it beforehand.
  • How much time will it take me to implement The Low Tech Course Delivery Course?
    This entirely depends on the scope of your own course that you create and set up while working through this course, and how much (if any) of it is already created. This is where the bulk of your time will be spent.

    In the spirit of this course, I advocate for a “minimum viable product” approach so that you can get your course out there.
    You can always tweak and update when it’s live, but it won’t make you any money or get your clients any results if it’s collecting virtual dust on your hard drive waiting for you to make it “perfect”.
  • How is this delivered?
    A course about email course delivery needs to come through email… (Very meta, I know!)

    You’ll get daily email lessons straight into your inbox over 7 days - which is excellent for a self-paced option and as a case study for your own course.

    You’ll also get instant access through the online course portal- which is great if you like to binge watch/work fast/delegate etc.
  • How long will I have access to The Low Tech Course Delivery Course?
    You’ll have the lessons in your inbox for as long as you keep them. You’ll also have lifetime* access to the course in the course portal along with any future updates.

    *The lifetime of the course. If I ever choose to stop offering the course, you’ll get a month’s notice so that you can save and download all the course material.
  • Do you teach me how to sell my course?
    There are so many ways to sell, from super simple to very complex. For this course, we are focusing on how to deliver your course after the sale is made.
  • What if my course isn’t created yet/still an idea?
    Instructions are included in key areas on how to adapt lessons if you’re validating a course with pre-sales before creating your entire course.

    The course starts with an overview of Creating your course. This includes instructions and guidance on how to plan out your course idea, and create your course content for email delivery. This part also serves as a useful checklist if you already have your course created.
  • Do I need specific tech to implement this?
    You’ll need email marketing software that’s capable of creating automations. The specific software doesn’t matter, but if you’re starting out, I recommend MailerLite’s free plan.

    You’ll need cloud storage. I prefer Google Drive, but others like Dropbox or OneDrive will work too. Most people already have a Google account/email, which comes with Google Drive.

    You need a word processor, such as Google Docs. Google Docs has some neat features that we take advantage of in this course but any word processor will do.

    Lastly, any additional tech needed for you to create your own course content.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    14 days, no questions asked. If you don’t think your money was well spent, shoot me an email and let me know you’d like a refund. My only request is to be ethical about this - let’s keep the karma gods happy.
  • My question isn’t here…
    If you have any other questions, just email at
Get started now for just $47

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  • easy SOP maintenance
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